"I like what I have seen.  The pictures are colorful and draw attention. There is a wide variety of careers shown - not necessarily ones students would think about and have knowledge of.  Good photos of Nebraska colleges and programs available.  Great resource that can "spark" an idea for further exploration." - From Marilynn Peaslee, School Counselor at Northeast

 "eMAGINIT has helped us encourage and inform our students about career opportunities available to them.  It is common for me to see students standing to watch the informative and graphically-pleasing pictures.  Thank you for partnering with us to provide career development curriculum and inform our students of college and career opportunities!" Ruth Lohmeyer

"The eMAGINIT video promotes local colleges, careers, industries, and employment trends.    Our cafeteria is a high volume traffic area as students congregate before school, during lunch, after school, and five periods of study halls are held there too.  Numerous students and teachers have commented on what a positive and educational addition this program is to our school.  High school students struggle with career direction and this program complements the career awareness programs we have in place at Bellevue West High School." - Julie Sorensen, Career Development Facilitator
Congressional Award Advisor at Bellevue West High School.

"Both High School and Middle School students have glanced at it as they walk by the TV screen in the Pod area.  I've even seen 4-5 elementary students sitting on the floor in front of the TV after school watching it -- what a great program for them to be exposed to.  I would like to expand the program by having a TV in the Middle School Pod area next year since we'll be initiating a career class for 6th & 7th Graders that is slated to start next fall. Thanks again for giving Wahoo High School the opportunity to participate in the eMAGINIT program!" - Terry, Wahoo High School


We are very happy to have the eMAGINIT program in our school.  As an alternative school, our students struggle seeing themselves in postsecondary situations and we struggle giving them the necessary exposure to the possibilities around them. Emaginit with the great images and programming which runs in a common area, our students get to see possibilities.  This program also becomes conversation starters for our staff seeking to engage our students in postsecondary avenues. The colorful, well done advertisements and the pace of the video makes this a great thing to have in our commons.  We are grateful for program, the TV, and the service you have provided.  It took time for us to get district support for this and Gerry showed patience and helpfulness through it all.  Thanks again for what this does to inspire students." Jim Larson, IDEAL Principal at Papillion-La Vista Schools

 "Every time I'm in the Counseling Center I look to the TV because I'm excited to see which career or college will show up today." - Elkhorn High School Student

"Your support of Lincoln Public Schools is most appreciated. On behalf of the Board of Education and our students and teachers, thank you for providing this valuable resource."- Stephen C. Joel, Ed.D, Superintendent, Lincoln Public Schools

"The program has helped generate interest in career and college planning at our school. The graphics are excellent and really have drawn a lot of attention. Thank you so much for thinking of Fremont High School and bringing this program and information to our students." - Mark Williams, Counseling Director at Fremont High School

"The television is great! It helps show students what colleges have to offer!" -  Jameson Poth, Senior at Bellevue East High School

"We really enjoy having the TV in our Guidance Office. I've watched kids sit and wait in the office and watch the film clips. It is an effective way to communicate with prospective students especially for those students who haven't had an opportunity to visit college campus." - John J Flemming, Counselor at Omaha South High Magnet School.