ADVERTISE TO 50,000+ STUDENTS IN 36 NEBRASKA HIGH SCHOOLS EVERY DAY                                          

Looking for a new and exciting way to showcase your college, trade school or to promote job opportunities to thousands of high school students every day?  eMAGINIT is a low cost, high-impact display advertising opportunity guaranteed to reach your target audience.

advertiser FAQ

What is eMAGINIT? 

eMAGINIT is a digital career and college awareness program that connects colleges and employers to thousands of high school students daily.

Why advertise or recruit through eMAGINIT?

Competition for college-bound students and student workers is at an all-time high. We provide an innovative strategy and platform for colleges and employers to reach these students and grow their incoming classes and workforce. eMAGINIT is a low cost, high-impact display advertising opportunity guaranteed to reach your target audience.

Your advertisement displayed where it counts. In school , online & on mobile devices


Which high schools will feature my ads?

Omaha area:

Bellevue East
Bellevue West
Girls, Inc.
IDEAL Academy
Millard Horizon


Millard North
Millard South
Millard West
Omaha North
Omaha Northwest
Omaha South
Papillion High
Papillion South

Lincoln area:

Bryan Focus
Career Academy
Lincoln High
Lincoln Northeast
Lincoln Southeast
Lincoln Southwest
North Platte
North Star

Where will my ads be featured within the high schools? 

Your ads will be displayed on eMAGINIT flat screens in prominent, high-traffic areas within the high schools (such as cafeterias, libraries, common areas, etc). Your ads are featured within the career awareness video program that runs continuously every day, which fulfills the high school's career cluster standards requirement. 

Your college or company will also be featured on our website and social media.

What will my advertisement look like? 

You provide us with any still image or 30-second video spot of your choice. Our program creators are flexible and can accommodate a variety of formats such as:

  • Video: 30: MPEG or WMV  (Our program does not contain audio. If your commercial already contains an audio track, that's okay! We will turn the sound off when inserted into the eMAGINIT program.)
  • Images: JPEG, PDF, PNG (Size Widescreen16:9). You can submit one image that will display during the entire 30 seconds OR you can submit multiple images that rotate consecutively (i.e. 4 images displaying for 7.5 seconds each for a total time of 30 seconds).

A special sharing folder (such as DropBox) will be set up  for each advertiser to upload their commercials quickly and easily. 

What is the cost?

eMAGINIT is a cost-effective solution to helping you meet your recruiting needs and increase your presence on high school campuses. Our packages vary to meet college and employer needs, and you pay less than 1 cent for each 30-second spot.

Option 1: All Schools
•    Approximately 600,000  
(30 second) airings
•    All 36 Schools Included
•    $2,995  /  year

Option 2: Omaha Area Schools
•    Approximately 400,000
(30 second) airings
•    24 Omaha Area Schools
•    $2,295  /  year

Option 3: Lincoln Area Schools
• Approximately 200,000
(30 second) airings
•    12 Lincoln Area Schools
•    $1,195  /  year

Who can I contact to discuss further?  

Please contact Gerry Phaneuf at 402.650.4527 or

Gerry, a career services expert, has 40+ years of experience in meeting college, employer and student needs.

What are organizations and students saying about eMAGINIT?

Colleges and employers that advertise with eMAGINIT are doing more than buying advertisements—they are generating career awareness, and in effect, helping increase the number of students pursuing postsecondary education and fulfilling employment and career opportunities.

Here are some testimonials:

"The eMAGINIT video promotes local colleges, careers, industries, and employment trends. Our cafeteria is a high-volume traffic area as students congregate before school, during lunch, after school, and five periods of study halls are held there too. Numerous students and teachers have commented on what a positive and educational addition this program is to our school. High school students struggle with career direction and this program complements the career awareness programs we have in place at Bellevue West High School." - Julie Sorensen, Career Development Facilitator & Congressional Award Advisor at Bellevue West High School.

 "Every time I'm in the Counseling Center I look to the TV because I'm excited to see which career or college will show up today." - Elkhorn High School Student

"The television is great! It helps show students what colleges have to offer!" -  J. Poth, Senior at Bellevue East High School