CareerXplorer International and Kazi International, LLC are Omaha, Nebraska based companies committed to designing and delivering innovative career exploration products and services to individuals, schools, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and businesses. Our unique approach, developed over 30 years in career guidance activities with youth and adults, and assisting human resources personnel with recruitment and talent identification, provides for a comprehensive system that connects dreams, interests, passions, and talents with career, education, and employment options.

Our goal is to create an industry first global electronic community for life long career planning. It will utilize video, internet, smart phones and other hand held devices that will provide a platform for a wide variety of services, resources, and activities required by individuals seeking a satisfying and productive work life.   We believe what is needed is a comprehensive, user friendly approach directed at the end user. It should be self directed, adaptable to all stages of the career planning process, driven by powerful and dynamic images, access to highest quality information and resources, and provide opportunities for networking and personal interaction. Our system will be inclusive, inviting participation from the widest variety of organizations who are dedicated to assisting individuals in reaching their career potential.

Our vision and passion has been shaped by years of direct experience in education, career counseling, personal coaching, personnel training, recruitment, as well as by a deep understanding of the power and value of technology and social media. We believe that helping individuals achieve a satisfying and productive worklife is one of the most important and critical issues of our time.